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Metal Detecting Tip #10 – Places to Metal Detect


My beautiful wifePlaces to metal detect are only limited to your imagination.  It will vary somewhat by where you live and the climate of your area. Here is a list of places that come to mind.

Dry Land Metal Detecting

Around the house (silver often found at pre-1964 homes)

  • Under clothes lines
  • Lawns
  • Kids swing sets
  • Around old trees
  • Along rock walls
  • Along old fences (caches)
  • Old garden sites
  • Along sidewalks and walkways
  • Basically anyplace people have played or hung out.
    Other Dry Land Places

  • Parks
  • Beaches
  • Athletic fields (around bleachers and snack bars as well)
  • School yards, old and new
  • Campgrounds
  • Fair Grounds
  • Old house sites(around wells,gardens,fences)
  • Construction sites such as where sidewalks are being replaced
  • Ski slopes (in operation or no longer in existence)
  • Grassy area between sidewalk and road
  • Old Drive-In Theaters
  • Winter sledding spots
  • Ghost towns
  • Gazebos
  • Churches
  • Drained ponds and lakes
  • Carnival sites
  • Summer camps
  • Road side rest areas
  • Race Tracks
  • Old military bases
  • Old battle grounds and camp grounds
  • Old military muster sites
  • Water Metal Detecting

  • Coastal beaches
  • Roped off swimming areas
  • Just outside roped off swimming areas
  • Lake sandbars where there’s a lot of partying
  • Around floats (if you can get to them)
  • Wharves
  • Boat launches
  • Campground beaches
  • Summer camp beaches
  • Old swimming holes (do research, ask old timers)
  • Streams with swimming holes
    Some of the above listed sites have older coins and relics, some have more recent coins and jewelry. It depends on the kind of detecting you’d like to do. Some of the older sites may have already been detected, but there is always stuff still to be found. I once nearly had my ears blown off by my headphones while detecting a local park turned baseball field. Two inches under ground was a nice 1937 Walking Liberty half. And I know that field had been detected before!
    Remember that some places are off limits or are privately owned. You almost always have to ask for permission before you do any metal detecting at many of these sites. And be sure to pick up and dispose of the trash you find and leave the area looking neat.
    If any of you have other places to detect, please leave a message below and I’ll be glad to add them to my list.



    1. Hi Paul
      Interesting article and a little jealous as to the area you list to search in. Here in Devon, England, you have to get permission to detect everywhere. Most of my metal detecting is done on the beach and some inland farms, Great website and will be back.